Éphémère Apple

Origin Chambly, Quebec
Brewed since 2001
ABV 5.5%
Fermentation Top
Style White ale brewed with apple must
Color Pale gold
Clarity Slightly cloudy
Head Lacy egg-white effervescent foam
Bubbles Fine
Effervescence Medium
Nose Mouth-watering bouquet of Granny Smith apples, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon
Flavor Delicate balance of fruit and spice, hint of sweetness, hint of tartness, redolent of Granny Smith Apples
IBU 10
Body Medium
Aftertaste Pleasantly lingers on
Suggested serving temperature 4ºC - 6ºC / 39°F - 43°F
Suggested glass Tulip
Availability Canada and United States
Format 341 mL/12 oz, 750 mL/26 oz & draught