Noire de Chambly

Origin Chambly, Québec
Brewed since 2005
ABV 6.2%
Fermentation Top
Style Belgian-style black ale
Color Dark brown, shades of mahogany
SRM 40
Clarity Opaque
Head Beige, dense, long-lasting
Bubbles Fine
Effervescence Slow
Nose Wood, smoky, roasted coffee beans, licorice
Flavor Smooth roasted grains, mildly smoky notes , and spices (cloves, green anis, mint) with a chocolaty finish
IBU 21
Body Thin
Aftertaste Pleasantly lingers on
Suggested serving temperature 6ºC - 10ºC / 43°F – 50°F
Suggested glass Footed flute or tulip
Availability Canada
Format 341 mL, 750 mL